Virtualization means a lot of different things to a lot of people, but ultimately it means getting the resources of one physical device, physical machine, and carving it up or splitting it into multiple virtual servers.

In the past servers were split up into physical boxes or physical devices that you could actually see right in your office. With virtualization today, you may see one device in front of you, but it may actually be running quite a few servers and applications. This allows for increased utilization of the server that the client has, along with easier management and maintenance of their environment.

Virtualization is transparent to the end user; with many not knowing they are actually working in a virtualized environment. The benefits our clients get from being virtual are they have a dedicated device or server that STM can give performance to on an as-needed basis. We are a lot more flexible in what we do with that server as well.

While you may not know up front that you’re running on a virtual platform, one advantage you get on that platform include being able to recover from outages much more quickly than having to recover a physical box.

From an end user perspective, you may not see much, but the business use case when it comes to how easy it is to maintain, how the business can do more with their money, essentially, is where you will see the benefits of virtualization.

STM make the process of selecting and implementing cloud services in your environment simple. STM has years of experience helping companies select the right IT Solutions and infrastructure to meet their business needs in a way that is secure, practical and cost effective.



You may know that the nine agencies have been in the building for a few months now. They are now working together in ways that would not have happened had they not been able to co-locate. It would never have been accomplished without your help.

Barbara D. SpradlingPresident Board of Directors, Children and Family Services Center