Hosted Business Solutions

At STM we can provide our clients with Private, Public and Hybrid hosting solutions.

STM makes the process of selecting and implementing cloud services in your environment simple. We have years of experience helping companies select the right infrastructure to meet their business needs in a way that is secure, practical and cost effective. From a collaboration perspective, having a hosted environment allows our users to access the same projects, applications and documents from different locations. You don’t have to be in the same office as your team to work, share and collaborate with one another.

The Hybrid Cloud entails a combination of infrastructure (server, applications, data) at the client site and infrastructure at a hosting provider like STM.  Our clients can build their own, use a hybrid of our cloud and their cloud, or they could just use our cloud on its own.

One of the biggest benefits of having a hosted virtual desktop is the ability to access your desktop; your whole work environment, from anywhere. Many of our clients have the ability to access their complete business platforms securely from outside of their office. Let’s say, if they’re in a hotel or in a boat somewhere. As long as you have internet, you can access your full desktop; just like you do when you are in the office.

A benefit of using STM and our data center to host your applications is the speed, security and reliability that you get when you integrate with other cloud platforms.

Our datacenter is specifically for hosting and integration with other platforms. We have the speed, power and redundancy to assure our clients reliable access and uptime.

Multiple internet connections, redundant power feeds and 24×7 monitoring and security are just a few of the reasons to have STM host your servers and desktops.