Disaster Recovery

What would your next step be if your business was destroyed by vandalism or natural disaster? What if your server was stolen or tampered with?

Even if you are able to locate your backup data after a disaster, having a backup does not mean your business will be back up in a time appropriate manner. STM ensures that your disaster recovery plan is more than just a backup. We help you create a plan to make sure your business is back to running in its predisaster state as soon as possible.

Having your data offsite is the only way to truly have a backup strategy that keeps your business up and running all of the time.

We can help you protect your crucial business data from loss due to a natural disaster, system failure, or human error. We offer personalized data protection solutions to secure your critical data and IT infrastructure.

Our data protection solutions provide:

  • Secure backup copies of your IT infrastructure in our redundant offsite data centers, safe from natural disasters and unauthorized access.
  • Access to your backup files through our dedicated servers
    Automatic and ongoing secure data backup.
  • A clone copy of your data which can be used for data recovery within minutes in the event of an emergency.
STM backs up your data at our Primary Data Center.  We also replicate and send your data to a 2nd STM Data Center in order to assure that your data is always available. In some circumstances we can replicate your data at your own facility to give you yet another level of comfort and security.