Ransomware – Making Cyberattacks Easier Than Ever

A global cyberattack this past weekend led to cybercriminals gaining control of computers around the world, locking out such organizations as FedEx, the British public health system and universities throughout China. Once the hackers secured access, they held the data…

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It’s Not a Matter of If, but When.

At some point today, or during this week, you will make a mistake. It happens to everyone. But what happens when one small mistake leads to a cyber attack on your business? A study has shown that nearly 95 percent…

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How to Identify Three Common Phishing Scams

What is a Phishing Scam, exactly? The name “phishing” originates from attackers’ use of fake emails and urls to “bait” victims into divulging personal information, typically via social engineering (a technique used by thieves to manipulate users into trusting them)….

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IT Issues? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That.

STM IT Solutions designs personalized, secure networks that are cost-efficient, environmentally conscious, and unique to the individual needs of our clients in Charlotte, NC and across the Eastern, United States. We provide secure IT solutions combining cost-effective planning and support…

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The Real Reason Phishing Works So Well

New Duo Security study shows many companies don’t update browsers and operating systems – a first line of defense. Tests prove that people just keep clicking on malicious links and attachments: in a new study from Duo Security based on…

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Tap the Power of the Cloud!

Tap the power of the cloud for your strategic business goals without the frustration, cost, and time of managing IT yourself. STM FileNest allows Simple and Secure Access to Enterprise Data From Any Device Multiple ways to access remote enterprise data…

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