It’s Not a Matter of If, but When.

At some point today, or during this week, you will make a mistake. It happens to everyone. But what happens when one small mistake leads to a cyber attack on your business?

A study has shown that nearly 95 percent of cyber security incidents stem from “human-error,” or mistakes. From something as simple as opening a suspicious email, clicking on a wrong link, or passing along sensitive information to a hacker who appears official, the threat of a cyber attack always looms large in the business world today.

Cyber security attacks are real. Many times these breaches are so subtly provoked that you won’t recognize an attack before it is too late. So, if one naive, innocent mistake by an unsuspecting employee can put your entire company in jeopardy, what can you do to protect yourself?

This is where STM can help. At STM, our team provides tailored cyber protection services to help protect your business in the best and most personable way possible. We put steps in place to protect you from attacks and protect you from yourself. Our dedicated IT team gives you assistance at the moment you need it with 24/7 support.

It is impossible to protect yourself from these attacks. These breaches are real and they can happen today. Don’t remain vulnerable. Contact STM at (704) 334-7893 to see how we can protect you.

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