Our business is making sure your business has the appropriate IT infrastructure in place to ensure efficient, timely and cost effective operation.

Our team, headed by Troy Rice, President, are all IT professionals with considerable background and experience.

At STM, we offer diverse IT solution sets for our customers. Every client has a customized program based on their needs from managed services, email hosting, 24/7 help desk, virtualization/cloud services, applications and hardware support and disaster recovery and back up options.

We know IT! Let us get to know you and we guarantee a solid IT future.

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How we do IT:

STM employs a very diverse team of experts, a secure state of the art data center along with a 24 / 7 monitoring facility that guarantees 99.9% customer uptime. The results are decreased cost and increased speed and utility for our clients. This proactive approach eliminates typical network problems and costly time resolution.

What we do:

STM designs personalized, secure networks that are cost-efficient, environmentally conscious, and unique to the individual needs of it’s clients. Services are chosen and supported by a team of dedicated and trained technology experts to ensure optimal performance . As a result, STM reduces and in some cases completely eliminates your need for in-house or outside IT support services.


You may know that the nine agencies have been in the building for a few months now. They are now working together in ways that would not have happened had they not been able to co-locate. It would never have been accomplished without your help.

Barbara D. SpradlingPresident Board of Directors, Children and Family Services Center